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I am an Avenger (2010 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
I am Groot (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
I am Legion (2009 Ltd) (Devils Due Publishing)
I Die at Midnight (1999 One Shot) (DC-Vertigo)
I Vampire (Vol 1) (DC Comics)
I Zombie (Vol 1) (DC-Vertigo)
Icandy (Vol 1) (DC Comics)
Iceman (1984 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iceman (2001 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iceman (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Icon (Vol 1) (DC-Milestone)
Identity Crisis (2004 Ltd) (DC Comics)
Illuminati (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Immortal Weapons (2009 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Impaler (Vol 1) (Image)
Imperial (2014 Ltd) (Image)
Imperial Guard (1997 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Impossible Man Summer Vacation Special (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Impulse (Vol 1) (DC Comics)
Impulse Plus: Gross-Out (1997 One Shot) (DC Comics)
Incognito (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Incorruptible (Vol 1) (Boom Entertainment)
Incredible Hercules (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hercules (GN) (Hardback) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk (Vol 2) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk (Vol 3) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk (Vol 4) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk (Vol 5) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk 2000 (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk 2001 (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk Annual (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk Annual (1998) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk Hercules Unleashed (1996 One Shot) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk vs Quasimodo (1983 One Shot) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk: Destruction (2005 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect (1992 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force (Marvel Comics)
Indestructible Hulk (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Indestructible Hulk Annual (2013) (Marvel Comics)
Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull (2008 Ltd) (Dark Horse)
Indiana Jones & the Tomb of the Gods (2008 Ltd) (Dark Horse)
Indiana Jones (Vol 1) Further Adventures of (Marvel Comics)
Indiana Jones Thunder in the Orient (1993 Ltd) (Dark Horse)
Industrial Gothic (1995 Ltd) (DC-Vertigo)
Infamous Iron Man (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Infernal Man-Thing (2012 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Inferno (2015 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Infinite Crisis (2005 Ltd) (DC Comics)
Infinite Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven (DC Comics)
Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre (2006 Ltd) (DC Comics)
Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006 (DC Comics)
Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse (Vol 1) (DC Comics)
Infinity (2013 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Infinity Abyss (2002 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Infinity Crusade (1993 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Infinity Entity (2016 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Infinity Gauntlet (2015 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Infinity Heist (2013 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Infinity Hunt (2013 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Infinity Inc (Vol 1) (DC Comics)
Infinity Inc (Vol 2) (DC Comics)
Infinity Inc Annual (DC Comics)
Infinity Inc Special (1987 One Shot) (DC Comics)
Infinity Man & The Forever People (Vol 1) (DC Comics)
Infinity Man: Futures End (2014 One Shot) (DC Comics)
Infinity War (1992 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Inhuman (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumanity (2013 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumanity: Awakening (2013 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumanity: Superior Spider-Man (2014 One Shot) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumans (1998 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumans (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumans (Vol 2) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumans (Vol 3) All-New (Marvel Comics)
Inhumans Prime (2017 One Shot) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumans vs X-men (2016 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumans: Attilan Rising (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Inhumans: Once and Future Kings (2017 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Injustice 2 (DC Comics)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ground Zero (DC Comics)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Five (DC Comics)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four (2015 Ltd) (DC Comics)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year One (DC Comics)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three (DC Comics)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two (DC Comics)
Instant Piano (1994 Ltd) (Dark Horse)
Insurgent (2012 Ltd) (DC Comics)
International Iron Man (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Interview with the Vampire (1991 Ltd) (Innovation)
Intimates (2004 Ltd) (DC-Wildstorm)
Invaders (1993 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Invaders (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Invaders (Vol 2) The New (Marvel Comics)
Invaders Annual (1977 One Shot) (Marvel Comics)
Invaders Now (2010 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Invaders: Eve of Destruction (GN) (Softback) (Marvel Comics)
Invasion! (1988 Ltd) (DC Comics)
Invincible (Vol 1) (Image)
Invincible Iron Man (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Invincible Iron Man (Vol 2) (Marvel Comics)
Invincible Iron Man (Vol 3) (Marvel Comics)
Invisibles (Vol 1) (DC-Vertigo)
Invisibles (Vol 2) (DC-Vertigo)
Invisibles (Vol 3) (DC-Vertigo)
Ion: Guardian of the Universe (2006 Ltd) (DC Comics)
Iron Age (2011 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Age: Alpha (2011 One Shot) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Age: Omega (2011 One Shot) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist (Ltd 1998) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist (Vol 2) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist (Vol 3), The Immortal (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist (Vol 4), The Living Weapon (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist (Vol 5) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist (Vol 6) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist, The Immortal: Death Queen California (Marvel Comics)
Iron Fist/Wolverine (2000 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Jaw (Vol 1) (Atlas Comics)
Iron Man (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man (Vol 2) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man (Vol 3) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man (Vol 4) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man (Vol 5) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man Annual (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man Annual (2000 One Shot) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man Annual 2001 (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man Armor Wars Prologue (GN) (Softback) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man/X-O Manowar: Heavy Metal (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Director of SHIELD Annual (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin (2007 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: House of M (2005 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Hypervelocity (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Legacy (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Legacy of Doom (2008 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Noir (2010 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Rapture (2010 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: The Inevitable (2005 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: The Iron Age (1998 Ltd) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Two Point Zero (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas (Marvel Comics)
Iron Patriot (Vol 1) (Marvel Comics)
Ironwolf (1986 One Shot) (DC Comics)
Irredeemable (Vol 1) (Boom Entertainment)