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We Buy Comics!

One of the most common questions we hear at Krypton Komics is ‘Do you buy comics?’

The invariable answer is always ‘It depends what you’ve got.’ With 250,000 comics already in stock we obviously do buy comics, sometimes. Whether we’ll be interested in yours depends on a combination of what we already have, what condition they are in, and how much you hope to get for them.

If you do have items you wish to sell the procedure is as follows. First give us a call to check if we are potentially interested in your comics. If we are interested in checking them out you’ll need to do the following:

1. Sort the comics into alphabetical order and make a list of what you have. We’ll need to know the titles and issue numbers you have along with an idea of the condition of the comics and they should ideally be un-bagged. Most people are not professional graders so an overall idea is all that is required at this stage. (If you don’t want to produce a list you can always bring the comics into the shop for us to see in person.)

2. Send us the list. If we are interested we’ll get back to you with a ballpark figure of what we’d be prepared to pay. This figure is always subject to actually seeing the comics and assessing their condition.

3. We’ll arrange a time to view the items, and if the items match the description and our prices reaches expectations we’ll buy them.

And that’s it really.

So what have you got?