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Online Sales & Discounts

Our standard bulk discount system enables you to gain good discounts on all your purchases 7 days per week & 365 days per year.

The standard discount rate for bulk purchases is simple.
Order 5 items or more (of any price) and you get 5% off the lot.
Order 10 items or more (of any price) and you get 10% off the lot.
Order 15 items or more (of any price) and you get 15% off the lot.
Order 20 items or more (of any price) and you get 20% off the lot.
And our top standard rate: order 25 items or more (of any price) and you get 25% off the lot!
This applies even if the first items are all £3.99 and the last is £399.00 or even £3999.00 and is true for ALL our discount levels.

It’s calculated automatically for you by our shopping cart, so we’d encourage you to try adding and removing items from your order to find the best available deal. Adding few extra items can often result is some excellent savings, and is very easy to do. Even fun really!

In addition to the standard bulk discounts above we offer regular online sales promotions discounting selected items by anything from 10%-75%.

Keep an eye on the sales promotion info table below to see what’s currently on sale or scheduled to be discounted in the future. Any sales promotion items still count towards earning the bulk discount for other items, so you can still gain the bulk discount while buying sale items.

We currently have no extra online sales promotions active.

Please check this page regularly as we usually have offers every week!

We have regular sales in our Real World Shop, but none are currently scheduled - please keep checking!